Illustrator and vintage curator, Mike Sportes opened Filth Mart in New York's East Village with Drea DeMatteo in 1997.  The music inspired vintage clothing store was stocked with thousands of vintage rock t-shirts, denim, leather and custom pieces. Filth Mart's influence could be seen everywhere from custom studded t -shirts and low slung jeans to trucker hats. Filth Mart changed the face of vintage by creating a casual collection of clothing with a deliberate point of view for a fashion conscious customer.
Filth Mart headed west in 2005 with the addition of stylist and artisan steezer, Maggie Fox. It continues to outfit vintage lovers and music connoisseurs with rare and collectable finds. Sportes' passionately curated collection of music and counter culture t-shirts is one of the finest anywhere.
Vintage ain't for everybody, so Filth Mart produces a line of excellent tees.  Made in Los Angeles, the line is available at Filth Mart as well as wholesale. Filth Mart also creates custom art such as posters, album art, and of course t-shirts for your band, shop, hotel or whatever.